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What is the Best Dog Harness with a Handle?

What is the Best Dog Harness with a Handle?

A dog harness with a handle is an accessory that will make walks with your four-legged friend smooth and easy. These handles give you extra control over your dog’s movements in high-traffic areas and even allow you to carry your dog if there are unexpected obstacles in the way. In this article, Pet&Cuddle will help you learn how to choose the most effective, durable, and functional dog harness with a handle on the back

Features to Look for in a Great Dog Harness

Getting a high-quality dog harness with a handle on the back is critical for keeping your dog safe and comfortable when out on challenging walks or adventures. It should be durable, so the handle doesn’t simply break after a few uses, and keep your dog secure when you have to lift him with the handle. It should also prevent injury to your dog when you have to use the handle. Here are a few features to look for in a dog harness with a handle for lifting

  • Durability. Look for a high-quality and sturdy back handle that won’t break when in use. 
  • Comfortable Design. The harness should be easy to put on and take off. 
  • Soft Padding. Because you may use the harness with a handle to lift your dog up, there should be soft padding to protect your dog and keep him comfortable. 
  • Breathable Material. The material used should allow airflow to your dog’s skin to prevent sweating and fur matting. 
  • Adjustability. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so even if you choose the correct size, there should still be several points of adjustment to get the absolute perfect fit
  • Dual-Clip Locations. The best harness will have both the front and back clip option for attaching a leash. This makes it more versatile for any type of training or sports activity.
  • Reflective Strips. Make sure that your pet is seen at all times, even in the dark. Reflective strips are a good way to ensure pedestrians and drivers can see you and your dog while out on walks. 
  • Attractive Color. Just because a dog harness with a handle is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too! Look for a harness in a color that lets your and your dog’s personalities shine! 

Why Would You Want a Harness with a Handle?

If you’re not familiar with dog harnesses with a handle on top, you’re in for a treat! This type of harness is a convenient, safe accessory that will make working with your dog easy. Whether you’re looking for a small dog harness with a carry handle or a large dog harness with a handle, you can expect this style to offer several benefits to you and your pet. Here are a few reasons to check out a dog harness with a handle for lifting

Extra Control 

Some dogs can benefit from a little bit of extra control, especially when navigating difficult areas. For example, high-traffic areas can present the need for additional guidance for your dog, so feel free to use the handle to guide him. Or, if you’re using a harness with a handle for a small dog, you can even lift them up, which helps with climbing stairs or getting around obstacles. They’re also perfectly safe for use in vehicles or while just taking a walk. 

Body Lifting Assistance 

As dogs age, they can begin to experience health issues that affect their mobility. Arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle loss, or surgery recovery are situations where a dog harness with a handle for lifting can help your dog’s health. 

During Surgery Rehabilitation & Injury Recovery

If your dog has recently had an injury or surgery, a dog harness with a handle on the top will make the recovery process go smoother. It can help provide additional support for tasks like getting into and out of a vehicle, going up or downstairs, or getting into bed. 

Mobility Assistance During Activities 

A dog harness with a handle also offers mobility assistance during intensive activities, especially hiking. Navigating uneven terrain may be difficult for small or older dogs, so the handle allows you to give your pet some extra help. They’re also an excellent option for working with rescue dogs and service dogs. 

Why You Should Pick Pet&Cuddle’s Harness

When you’re searching for a dog harness with a handle on top, keep your eye out for high-quality, soft material and an intuitive design that helps you have more control over your dog’s movements. It should provide extra comfort and security for both you and your pet. 

Pet&Cuddle has the best collection of dog harnesses with handles that suit large, medium, and small dogs. Each item features everything you need in a harness with a handle: top-quality materials that are soft and breathable, a sturdy handle, and several ways to adjust it for the perfect fit. And because all of our pet accessories are designed by experts, you’ll get the best results for every walk, run, hike, or sport. 

If you’re ready to get the best small dog harness with a handle, check out Pet&Cuddle’s collection of dog harnesses with handles today! 

Common Questions About Picking the Right Dog Harness with a Handle

If you still have a few questions about picking the right dog harness with a handle for lifting, you’re not alone. Below, you’ll find all the answers to questions from pet parents like you. 

Is it OK to lift a dog by its harness?

Absolutely! Unlike a collar, a harness distributes pressure around a large part of the dog’s body, so lifting your dog by the harness handle won’t hurt him. In fact, it’s one of the safest ways to help dogs out during challenging outdoor activities, like hiking and agility training. It can also help keep them safe while walking in high-traffic places, getting into and out of a car, or going up and downstairs. 

Why do dog harnesses have a handle?

A dog harness with a handle gives extra control to the owner over their dog’s movements. It can also help pet parents lift their dog into the car or over barriers. And because the harness distributes pressure around the dog’s body, the harness won’t harm him. 

Is it bad to lift dogs by their front legs?

It might be instinctual to lift up a dog by its front legs or chest, but this can put undue stress on their delicate bodies. Lifting this way can damage ligaments, dislocate a shoulder, or strain muscles. If lifted this way repeatedly, your dog may experience long-term damage to his bones and cartilage. 

Can I use a harness with a handle for puppies?

A small dog harness with a handle for lifting is an excellent option for puppies. In fact, it can be a valuable training tool as you work with your puppy to learn to walk, run, and hike with you. Plus, the extra control the handle offers will give your puppy extra safety as it learns to perform daily activities. 

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