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How to Choose a Fancy Dog Harness for Your Canine

How to Choose a Fancy Dog Harness for Your Canine

When looking for the best fancy dog harness for their pet, most people focus on the design while completely overlooking other vital aspects such as comfort padding, long-lasting quality, the appropriate size, and many more.

The experts at Pet&Cuddle explain how to find the best harness for your pet that is stylish and functional.


Features to Consider in Fancy Dog Harnesses

Any pet owner knows it's challenging to find a harness with the perfect color or pattern to match their dog’s hair or other accessories. However, there are many more important factors to consider when selecting fancy dog harnesses for your pet, such as:

  • Right size. A too big harness can be uncomfortable and unsafe for your dog, while one too small can restrict the movement. Make sure to measure your dog carefully before purchasing a harness.
  • Comfortable padding. A comfortable harness will make walks and other activities more enjoyable for your dog. Look for a harness with soft, breathable padding that won't rub against their skin.
  • Adjustable & wide straps. A good harness should have adjustable straps and be wide enough to distribute the pressure evenly, ensuring your dog is comfortable and preventing chafing.
  • Dual clip design. A harness with a dual clip design is easier to put on and take off than one with a single clip. It's also more likely to stay in place while your dog wears it.
  • Durable & easy to clean. A durable harness will stand up to your dog's everyday activities and is easy to clean. Look for a harness made from high-quality materials that can be wiped down or machine-washed.
  • Reflective straps. Reflective straps are a great safety feature, especially if you walk your dog at night or in low-light conditions.
  • Handle for better support. A handle on the back of the harness can help support your dog or lift it into the car. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about the best dog harnesses with a handle.
  • Easy on and off. The best harnesses are easy to put on and take off, even if your dog is wiggling around. Look for a harness with a wide opening and adjustable straps.

According to Safe Wise, harnesses are also ideal for older dogs with arthritis because they help them stand up without putting too much pressure on any one spot. It can make a big difference in your dog's quality of life.

The proper fancy dog harness will make walks and other activities more enjoyable for you and your dog. Remember these factors when shopping for a harness, and measure your dog carefully to ensure a proper fit.

How to Get the Right Size of a Fancy Harness for a Dog

Pet Pedia notes that one in every five dog owners treats their furry friend like family, buying presents and special snacks. If you are one of these devoted dog parents, then your pet probably has a closet full of clothes. But do they have the correct size harness?

To find the appropriate size of a harness for your dog, follow these tips:

Take the Accurate Measurements

  • Neck Girth. Place the measuring tape around your dog's neck, just behind their ears, and level with their throat. It is where the harness will sit, so ensure the measurements are as accurate as possible.
  • Chest Girth. The chest circumference is the most crucial measurement for finding a well-fitting harness for your dog. Place the measuring tape behind their front legs and around the deepest part of their chest. Again, make sure the measurements are as accurate as possible.
  • Body Length. It is an optional measurement, but if you can take it, do so. Place the measuring tape along your dog's back, starting from the base of its neck and going down to its tail.
  • It isn't a requirement, but if you can, go ahead and do it. Knowing your dog's weight will give you a better idea of which size to get.

Check out our helpful guide on How to Pick the Right Dog Harness to learn more.

Now that you have all the necessary measurements, it's time to select the correct size harness for your dog.

Find the Appropriate Harness According to the Brand’s Sizing Chart

If you're approaching a cut-off and feel close, you should upsize. You can alter the fit if the fancy dog harness is more prominent, but there's not much you can do if it's too tight. You can also use the weight as a guide if you're stuck between sizes.

Adjust the Harness Fit to Ensure It Is Secured

The best harness is the one that looks great and performs all its functions well. Make sure it fits your dog's body correctly. A harness that is too large can be dangerous and uncomfortable for your dog, while one that is too small will limit their movement. Make sure to measure your dog carefully before purchasing a harness.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Fancy Dog Harnesses

Suppose you're on the fence about whether or not to buy a fancy dog harness; read on. We've answered some of the most common questions below.

What features should a fancy dog harness have?

A harness for your dog isn't just about looking good. The ideal harness for your dog should provide great functionality, fit for the activities, and the best fit possible for your dog so it can relax when you're on walks or training sessions.

What are the main criteria of a good harness?

When shopping for a harness, consider comfort and safety first. The fabric should be soft to the touch, adjustable for a comfortable fit, and have different leash clip locations.

What types of dog harnesses are there?

The four primary types of dog harnesses are:

  • Back-clip: The D-ring clip for the leash is at the rear of this harness. It's ideal if your dog is well-trained or doesn't like to pull.
  • Step-in: You lay this harness flat on the ground, and your dog steps into it before you fasten it. If your dog doesn't like things over his head, this is the correct type of harness.
  • Front-clip: You can train your dog not to pull if the leash attachment point is at the front of the chest of the harness. It's a little discomfort for your dog if it begins to hurt. A front clip might be beneficial if you need more control in a specific scenario.
  • Dual-clip: Dual-clip harnesses provide the most versatility in various situations; therefore, they are preferable. You have more options with a top and front clip than single-clip models.

How tight should a dog harness be?

When purchasing new fancy harnesses for small dogs, ensure it fits properly. To determine this, slip two fingers underneath any strap on the harness while it's on your dog. If it's too tricky, the harness is most likely too tight. Pull the harness over your dog's head if it seems loose. It's too loose if it slips off.

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