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How to Choose the Best Dog Leash for a Puppy

How to Choose the Best Dog Leash for a Puppy

When you’re taking your dog on walks or doing some training, a good leash is going to be your best friend (after your dog, of course). It will keep your dog secure and under your control while still being comfortable for both of you. When it comes to picking out a leash for a puppy, finding the perfect leash can be a real challenge. It needs to be durable, secure, comfortable, and easy to use and clean. Today, we’ll introduce a few things to think about to find the best leash for you and your pup. 

What to Consider when Choosing a Puppy Dog Leash?

Puppies have different requirements than adult dogs for pretty much everything. The type of food, frequency of bathroom breaks, and exercise needs are just a few special puppy needs. And when you’re picking out puppy’s first pet accessories, choosing the right one will make all the difference in how your dog responds to walks and training. Here’s what to consider.

Durability (Or Material)

The durability of a leash should be a top priority when shopping for a puppy leash. Because puppies aren’t fully trained yet, they might pull or chew on the leash. Make sure the material you choose for your leash is durable enough to withstand bolting, lunging, and pulling. 

Keep in mind that the leash should still be lightweight and comfortable to wear. Nylon makes an excellent choice for durability because it is so easy to clean and difficult to damage. 

Adjustable Length

Adjustable length leashes are a great option for any dog breed, no matter their age. Being able to control the distance between you and your walking buddy is a huge advantage, especially during sports activities and urban environments. In addition, a puppy retractable leash will allow you to shorten the length of the leash without having to wrap it around your hand several times, which can be very uncomfortable and reduce your control.  Retractable dog leashes are safe for any activity with your puppy. 


Owners of smaller dogs, whether they’re puppies or small breeds, should aim for a lightweight leash. A leash rated for adult dogs or larger breeds will be too heavy and uncomfortable for your dog. At best, this means ending a walk sooner than planned; at worst, your puppy could face serious health issues and problems with the neck and posture. 

A lightweight harness and leash will help your puppy grow up healthy and strong. Again, a puppy retractable leash will be a durable, safe, and lightweight choice for minimizing pressure to the dog’s back and neck. 

Clip Type and Size

When looking for a puppy retractable leash, pay close attention to the leash clip size and design. It should be small and low-profile enough that it won’t be irritating or painful for your puppy. A bad leash clip could cause your new dog to dislike going on walks. 

In addition to being the right size, the leash clip should also have full swiveling. Without it, the leash is likely to get tangled up, causing harm to both you and your furry friend. 

Below are the most popular clip types: 

  • Trigger Snap Clip – This clip is spring-loaded and is opened by pulling the trigger down. Release the trigger to allow the clip to close automatically. 
  • Bolt Snap Clip – Like the trigger snap, a bolt snap clip uses spring action to control a shaft or bolt. Pulling the bolt down opens it up; releasing closes it. This takes even less time to put on than the trigger snap and is an ideal option for dogs and puppies. 
  • Locking Carabiner – This type of clip is a standard carabiner with a twist-lock mechanism that prevents unintentional opening. While this type is an excellent option for large or strong dogs, it’s too heavy and bulky to be comfortable for puppies, small breeds, or dogs that are untrained.  

Tangle-Free Design

Getting used to a leash takes time, and until then, your puppy could struggle with understanding how not to get tangled up. A retractable puppy leash is a great design that prevents tangling because you can shorten the length as needed. The tape or ribbon (the leash part) should be designed to not wrap around the handle or casing. Lower quality retractable leashes that don’t have this feature could put you and your pup at risk. The best retractable dog leash will prevent these problems. 

Are Retractable Leashes Good for Puppies?

So, are retractable leashes good for puppies or only for older dogs? 

The good news is that retractable leashes are suitable for any dog age, breed, size, or training. In addition, these leashes are adaptable to any walking environment or activity, so it’s the only leash you’ll need. 

If you’re still not convinced that retractable leashes are good for puppies, here are a few reasons why: 

  • If your puppy hasn’t learned where “home” is yet and you have an unfenced lawn, a retractable leash for the yard will give him plenty of length to explore while you sit on the porch and relax!
  • Retractable leashes are great for beginning leash training. Once your puppy gets used to being on the leash, it’s a smooth transition to using the retractable leash for more intense activities, like hiking or running. 
  • You can walk through a city to a park without having to switch leashes to keep your dog safe. Keep the leash short on city streets, then give more freedom in wide-open areas. 

With the lock/release button, your puppy will always be under your control, so you can keep him safe and secure while he learns. 

Tips for Using a Retractable Leash Safely With Puppies

As with any pet toy or accessory, you should ensure that you’re using the puppy retractable leash safely. Here are a few tips on how to use a retractable dog leash to provide maximum security for your puppy. 

  1. When in crowded spaces, public indoor and outdoor spaces, or near busy roads, keep the retractable leash locked at a short length. This will give you more control and reduce the risks of injury. 
  2. Think of the leash length like the radius of a circle with you at the center point. Your dog has access to the length of the leash in a circle around you, so make sure that that space is clear to be. If not, shorten the length. 
  3. Opt for a brightly colored or reflective retractable leash that will make you visible to pedestrians and drivers, especially if your puppy is relatively small. 
  4. When beginning training with a retractable leash, start with a shorter length. As your puppy grows more used to the leash and being under your control, you can gradually give more length. 
  5. Use a retractable leash for the yard to get your puppy accustomed to it while in a safe and familiar place. 

As long as you use them with care, retractable leashes are good for puppies of any breed. 

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Questions about Dog Leashes for Puppies

Still have a few lingering questions about dog leashes for puppies? Keep reading for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Do dog trainers recommend retractable leashes for puppies? 

Many dog trainers agree that retractable leashes are the best choice for puppies. They allow you to change how much freedom or control your dog has, and the locking mechanism makes sure he can’t bolt. Plus, a retractable leash gives your new puppy plenty of space to explore the smells around them. 

Are retractable leashes good for puppies? 

Retractable leashes are good for puppies. They help your pup navigate the world safely and prevent him from tangling up with other dogs (or himself) or wandering away. Retractable leashes are safe for puppies, adults, and everything in between. 

What leash is best for a dog that pulls? 

A small dog or puppy that pulls while on the leash could benefit from working with a fixed-length leash first. Then, once he has a handle on how not to pull on the leash, you can switch over to a retractable dog leash. 

Can you use a retractable leash with a harness for puppies?

A high-quality retractable leash and a properly fitted harness are among the best gear for dogs, and they make a great combination. Using a retractable leash with a dog harness means you fully control your dog and can guide his movements. The only caution is to avoid locking the leash to allow tension when connected to a front harness clip. 

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