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At Pet&Cuddle we believe in letting your pets live their best and healthiest lives. 

Pet&Cuddle was founded by a passionate dog owner in California that only wanted the best for his furry family members. As his dog was aging, the need for some type of relief and pain management was needed for his dog to live the most comfortable life.

In the world of dog supplements, there were so many options. Finding a product with quality ingredients was proving to be a bigger challenge and task than anticipated. This inspired him to create the very products he was searching for and wanted to give his own pets.

The concept for Pet&Cuddle supplements was first developed in his home kitchen and eventually went to lab for further scientific development and research. It was created with keeping a tasty flavor in mind and a consistency that would be easy for older dogs to chew. More importantly, it needed to provide beneficial and quality ingredients that were known to be effective. It was equally important to create a product manufactured in the US to oversee the quality control and manage every aspect from the packaging to product development.

From there, the creation of Pet&Cuddle Dog Supplements was formed- from the family kitchen to the lab.


You can trust that the product we provide will work best for you and your pet. I created supplements that I live behind and give to my own dogs each and every day. I hope you love our products as much as I do!

From one passionate dog owner to another.



Our Story