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Do Retractable Dog Leashes Break?

Do Retractable Dog Leashes Break?

The internet is full of people complaining that retractable dog leashes are dangerous, and one of the key arguments people make when claiming that retractable leashes are bad for dogs is that they’re more prone to breaking than traditional leashes.

Obviously, if that were true, then of course a retractable leash would be more dangerous than a traditional leash, because there’s nothing worse than a dog running free in public, especially in crowded situations or near roads.

But the argument that retractable leashes are more likely to break is simply not true! In fact, ribbon or tape-style retractable leashes are no more susceptible to breaking than a standard fixed-length dog leash.

Furthermore, retractable leashes offer far more freedom and flexibility for both you and your dog, making retractable leashes better than traditional leashes, under most walking conditions and situations.

For full details on why you should be using a retractable leash, be sure to view our Guide on the Pros and Cons of Retractable Dog Leashes.

The Dangers of Using a "Chord-Style" Retractable Leash

There is, however, a potential problem with a certain type of retractable leash, called a “chord-style” retractable leash.

These are the cheap versions of retractable leashes that use a single line for the “leash” part connecting the handle of the device to the clip on your dog’s collar, or harness.

Chord-style retractable leashes CAN be more prone to breaking than traditional leashes, so the issue, then, isn’t about retractable leashes vs. traditional leashes, but about chord-style retractable leashes vs. ribbon-style retractable leashes.

There is a huge difference in the safety potential of these two different types of retractable leashes, and this post seeks to educate you about the reasons you’ll want to choose the ribbon or tape-style leash instead of a chord-style leash.

With that said, let’s dive in!

Retractable “Chord” Leashes vs. Retractable “Ribbon” Leashes

We absolutely suggest purchasing a ribbon or tape-style retractable dog leash, as they are vastly more safe and secure compared to the cheaper, chord-style leashes.

Cheap chord-style retractable dog leashes can be more susceptible to breaking because they simply aren't as strong as ribbon or tape-style leashes, and because they use knots at the leash’s connecting points.

While these knots are typically glued to keep them strong, this glue can wear over time and use, resulting in knots that are weak or which may come lose, then undone, especially from a firm tug.

Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t realize the weakened state of their chord-style retractable leash until it’s too late. And as all dog owners can attest, there’s nothing scarier than suddenly losing control of your dog near a street or in a park filled with people and children.

Chord-style retractable dog leashes are also more likely to cause burns or cuts (something any dog leash, retractable or not can cause), especially if your dog ends up getting tangled around you, another dog, or a stranger.

Now that you know not to use a chord-style retractable leash, the next question naturally becomes: what is the best ribbon-style retractable dog leash?

Benefits of Pet&Cuddle’s Retractable Dog Leash

Pet&Cuddle’s ribbon or tape-style retractable dog leashes don’t suffer from any of the safety issues mentioned above, as the leash itself is secure, being both wear-resistant and easy to use.

Additionally, Pet&Cuddle’s retractable dog leashes offer several benefits over traditional leashes and retractable leashes from competing brands, including:

  • Sturdy casing with durable, wear-resistant leash
  • Heavy-duty, large-size clip and stainless steel internal spring
  • Leash length of up to 16ft.
  • Single lock/release button
  • Soft grip handle
  • Nylon tape/ribbon style leash prevents tangling and adds strength
  • 3% of profits are donated to the Best Friends Animal Society

If you’re in the market for a new leash, please take a look at what Pet&Cuddle has to offer!

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, modern pet products, and our team is passionate about the health and well-being of all animals—that’s why a portion of our proceeds is always donated to pets in need.

Why Use A Retractable Dog Leash?

You should use a retractable dog leash because it provides your dog with more freedom to roam than a traditional leash, which can be useful when walking your dog in open spaces like parks or beaches.

Retractable leashes allow the owner to quickly shorten or lengthen the length of the leash, which is exceptionally useful if you walk in different areas and under different types of conditions, and which works especially well with small to medium-sized dogs, or well-behaved larger dogs.

Retractable leashes are especially useful in poor weather. For example, if it’s raining out and your dog needs to go on a walk, retractable leashes allow you to take cover while your dog handles its business.

That said, retractable leashes aren’t a perfect solution for all dogs, especially for larger breeds (e.g., Great Danes, Mastiffs, etc.) or dogs that have trouble obeying commands.

For very large, powerful dogs, or dogs that don’t listen well, please be cautious: although Pet&Cuddle’s retractable leashes are sturdy and robust, trying to regain control of a 200 pound dog at a distance of 16 feet is a tall order for even the strongest individuals!


What About Traditional Leashes?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional leash; however, they do have several drawbacks.

First, traditional leashes don’t provide the flexibility of a retractable leash, in that they can’t easily change length at the flick of a button, which means you’ll have to spend much more time and attention and energy to making sure they’re the right length for different sorts of walking conditions.

What’s more, traditional leashes can be harder on your hands and more difficult to control. Indeed, many traditional leashes don’t have a comfortable handle, and instead, terminate with a simple loop.

And while this loop does provide something to grip, your hand will make direct contact with the leash itself, which over time, can cause your hand to develop unwanted callouses, especially if your dog is prone to pulling.

Fortunately, Pet&Cuddle’s retractable dog leashes feature a soft-grip handle that provides both comfort and control, so you don’t have to worry about hand fatigue or soreness.

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