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How Strong Are Retractable Leashes?

How Strong Are Retractable Leashes?

Retractable leashes can work well for dogs who are of a variety of sizes and weights.

For example, there are retractable leashes that are useful for Pomeranians all the way up to Rottweilers.

What’s important, ultimately, to ensure safety, comfort, and functionality is that you get the right size for your dog.

This Post will explain how to pick the right size leash for your dog, and it will also outline all the pros and cons of retractable leashes so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not a retractable is right for you.

Need a Retractable Strong Enough for a Small Dog?

When your dog is small, a retractable leash is ideal because it gives them room to run and play when appropriate, but it also provides you with a level of control over how much freedom you want to provide.

With that being said, you never want to choose a leash that will overpower a small dog.  If you get a leash that’s too strong, it’s going to create discomfort for a small dog.

So, how do you know which leash is appropriate for a small dog?

A few considerations:

  • Look at the weight limit on the leash. For example, most retractable leashes for small and medium dogs have a weight limit of up to 55 pounds.
  • Consider how durable the leash is. Even if your dog is small, you still want a retractable leash that will stand up to wear and tear. Consider leashes with a strong casing made from quality materials. For example, a stainless-steel internal spring is good because it can handle a lot of use.
  • Pick a ribbon-tyle dog leash (instead of a cord!) to ensure leash delivers durability.

Another thing to think about when choosing the best retractable dog leash for small and medium-sized dogs is whether or not it has a tangle-free design. The leash should have a smooth belt feeder to prevent tangling.

Pet and Cuddle provides leashes specifically designed for small dogs, with our 16-foot retractable pet leash being the perfect option for both small and medium dogs. This leash is also very affordable, and it’s available in in both pink and grey.

Get a Strong Retractable Leash for Large Dogs

Choosing a leash for a big dog can be challenging, particularly if you know your dog is a lunger or likes to bolt when given the opportunity.

The most important consideration to ensuring you get the right leash is that the strength of the retractable leash is rated strong enough for your big dog.

If you choose a leash that’s not the right size and strength, you’re putting yourself, your dog, and others at risk. For example, if you choose a leash that’s not strong enough for your dog’s weight and strength, it could snap or break.

That’s one reason some people don’t prefer retractable leashes—they’ve chosen the wrong option in the past and had problems with them as a result of their poor decision! With the right leash, you should have a sense of comfort and peace of mind.

You shouldn’t have the fear that the leash is going to break or that you aren’t in control of your dog. With the right retractable leash, your dog should have the freedom to explore the environment comfortably, but you should feel completely in control from a safety standpoint.

Similarly to choosing a leash for a small dog, one of the first things to look for when choosing a retractable leash for a big dog is the weight limit. For example, Pet&Cuddle has a retractable leash that’s meant for dogs up to 110 pounds.

Along with being intended for a heavier dog, Pet&Cuddle’s best retractable leash for large dogs is durable with a sturdy casing and large clip. The stainless steel internal spring can hold up to constant use, and the nylon ribbon-style leash provides room for your dog to explore without sacrificing any durability.

Are Retractable Leashes Strong Enough to be Safe? Even for Big Dogs?

A retractable dog leash can be a very safe option for dogs and their owners, but only if you ensure you go with the right weight rating and use it properly.

If you’re unsure about what weight limit to go with, or you have concerns about your dog’s behavior or tendency to want to bolt, go up in the rating. For example, your dog might technically be medium-sized, but you may find that a higher weight rating is better suited for them because they are more powerful than other dogs their size, more aggressive, or more likely to dart or bolt or chase.

Whenever you’re walking your dog on a retractable leash or otherwise, it’s important that you stay alert and that you’re mindful of what’s happening around you. Be especially cautious if you’re in an area with a lot of car or foot traffic or other obstacles.

Not paying attention to what your dog is doing, or to the environment around you, by looking at your phone for example, is basically the only reason why people ever have problems with retractable leashes. No matter how strong your leash is, it can’t make up for you being inattentive to your surroundings.

Another important safety point with a retractable leash is that you shouldn’t allow slack, particularly with a big dog. When you allow for slack in the leash, it becomes a safety risk because the dog could end up wrapping that slack around themselves or around others or objects in the evironment. Make sure to keep your retractable leash taught at all times, so that you can quickly stop the dog if needed.

When you are mindful of what’s going on around you, and you avoid letting there be slack in the leash, it’s going to help you steer clear of tangles and dangers.

If a problem does arise, don’t panic. Instead, calmly find ways to untangle the leash, set the brake, and steer your dog to an area away from people or other dogs.

Pros and Cons of Retractable Dog Leashes

There are both pros and cons of retractable dog leashes.

One big reason you might prefer a retractable leash is because it gives your dog more freedom. There’s a sense of flexibility for you and your dog.

Retractable leashes offer more control over the distance you offer your dog, and you can change the situation as needed. For example, a retractable leash works well whether you’re alone on your walk or you’re surrounded by people.

A retractable leash can go 20 feet or more, making for an enjoyable experience for you and your dog.

Your dog is also going to get more exercise when they have more space to roam.

Retractable leashes make a good training tool. You can teach your dog commands by giving them more room to walk and then calling them back. The lesson a dog can take away from proper, safe usage of a retractable leash is that they have the freedom and independence to roam, but they need to return to walking by your side when you give them a command.

Most of the cons of a retractable leash are things that can be remedied for proper use. For example, a retractable leash is no more dangerous than a fixed-length leash, as long as you’re paying attention to what’s happening around you.

By watching for other dogs, people, and cars and keeping the length of the leash safe and appropriate for the situation, a retractable dog leash becomes very safe. You can also easily transition your leash length depending on the setting at that particular moment.

How to Pick the Right Retractable Dog Leash

It’s worth repeating that choosing the right dog leash is going to impact your experience, your dog’s experience, and overall safety.

Pay attention primarily to the weight limit of a leash, as well as the leash style. The most durable leash style is going to be a ribbon or tape rather than a cord.

Choose a handle that feels comfortable to you and that you feel like gives you a good sense of control.

Choose a retractable leash with a clip that will stay closed securely, even when there’s tension, and the clip needs to also be appropriate for your dog size-wise.

Be present when you’re walking your dog, especially in high-traffic areas.

When you take the time to select the best retractable dog leash, it can transform the time you spend with your pet.

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