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What’s the Best Harness with a Handle for Medium Dogs?

What’s the Best Harness with a Handle for Medium Dogs?

There are many good reasons to choose a harness with a handle for medium-sized dog breeds. It can provide you with additional control over your dog's movements in high-traffic areas. Additionally, the handle can help carry your dog when it needs some assistance with various obstacles.

One of the best things about using a dog harness with a handle on the back for medium dogs is that it gives you more control over your dog without resorting to using a regular collar and leash. 

In this guide, Pet&Cuddle explains how to choose the most effective, durable yet functional harnesses with handles for your four-paw buddy. 

How to Choose the Right Dog Harness with a Handle for Medium-Sized Breeds

Looking for a high-quality harness with a handle for medium dogs is essential as it can impact the dog's health by preventing posture or breathing issues. Next, it ensures your dog's security by preventing injuries from being lifted or while wearing the harness. Finally, it won't impact the comfort of you and your dog.

Here are some things you should look out for when finding a medium dog harness with a handle: 

  • Comfortable design (easy on & off). You don't want a difficult harness to put on or take off if you need to put the harness on your dog in an emergency.
  • Breathable material. This is important because you want a harness that won't impact your dog's breathing. This is especially important for dogs with short noses, such as pugs and bulldogs.
  • Durable, high-quality, and sturdy back handle. It ensures your dog's security by preventing injuries from being lifted or while wearing the harness. 
  • Soft padding. This is especially important for dogs with sensitive skin. You don't want a harness that rubs your dog's skin raw.

Other features you should find in a harness with a handle are: 

  • Reflective strips. Reflective strips are critical for visibility in low-light conditions for safety purposes. 
  • Dual clip design. A harness with a handle should have two attachment points: one at the chest and one at the back. This is for your dog's safety. If the front clip becomes detached, the back clip will keep your dog from getting loose. And if the back clip comes undone, the front clip will help prevent your dog from backing out of the harness.
  • Bright colors. A harness with a handle should be a great color so your dog stands out when you're out walking him. You want to be able to find your dog quickly, and bright colors will help you do that.

Why Would You Want a Handle on Your Harness?

Like most people, you probably think that harnesses are only for small dogs. But the truth is, harnesses can be an excellent option for medium-sized dogs as harnesses provide more support than collars. Likewise, they can be easier to put on and take off and can help you control your dog's movement, among many other benefits.

Helping With Mobility

If you have a medium-sized dog, getting a harness with a handle can be a great way to help them stay mobile during outdoor activities. This is especially true if you enjoy hiking or scrambling, as the handle on the harness can provide some much-needed assistance. Additionally, many rescue dog programs and service dogs also use harnesses with handles to help their charges stay safe and mobile. 

Increased Control

If your dog is lunging or leash reactive, a lifting handle can be one of the easiest methods to control its movements better. By having a medium dog harness with a handle for lifting, you can keep your dog close to you and prevent it from running off or getting into trouble. 

Stress-Free Lifting

Getting a dog harness with a handle for medium dogs for stress-free lifting is useful in high-traffic places, where you may need to lift your dog frequently. The handle also makes it perfect for climbing stairs, getting in and out of vehicles, moving furniture, or taking a bath break. 

Better Support During Recovery

Another benefit of getting a harness with a handle for medium dogs is aid during recovery from illnesses or injuries. The handle can provide additional support in performing daily tasks like jumping into a car, on a sofa, or other support on the stairs. This can prevent further traumas and help your dog heal faster.

Perfect for Body Assistance 

A harness with a handle for medium-sized dogs is ideal for body assistance. This is for aging dogs or those with health issues like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and muscle loss. With a harness, you can help your dog up and downstairs, in and out of the car, and on and off the couch. It's also great for walks, hikes, and runs. 

Find The Perfect Harness With a Handle for Medium Dogs at Pet&Cuddle!

When choosing a first-class dog harness with a handle, it is essential to select a comfortable harness for your dog to wear. After all, you don't want your furry friend to be uncomfortable while out on walks or runs. A durable harness that will withstand the elements since no one wants their dog's harness to break or tear after a few uses. Finally, it's essential to select an easy-to-use harness. You don't want to be struggling with putting the harness on or taking it off every time you take your dog out. 

At Pet&Cuddle, we are proud to carry expertly-designed dog harnesses with handles. With many options of varying leash lengths and an easy lock/release button, you'll be able to use this leash for activities like running, jogging, hiking, and other sports. Even in crowded public areas, our retractable leashes make loose leash walking and heeling enjoyable for both your dog and yourself. In addition, even with constant use, thanks to the design of durable nylon and high-quality bolt snap clip made of stainless steel with a spring, the leash keeps your dog safe and secure.

With many options available, check out all of our top-rated retractable dog leashes and find something perfect for the needs of your medium-sized dog. You'll never be worried about his safety or getting run over by a car, or unwanted mishaps.


Common Questions About Dog Harnesses With Handles

Do you still have doubts about picking the best dog harness with handle for medium dogs? Don't worry. The following section will cover the most frequently asked questions about dog harnesses with a handle to keep you at ease.

Are harnesses with handles better than collars?

Yes! Collars are great for casual wear and ID tags, but a harness is recommended when walking or training your dog on the leash. If the dog decides to run or lunge suddenly, collars may harm his neck and spine.

A harness is more likely to stay on the dog and restrain it without causing harm. When leashes are used, any harness, even a heavy-duty dog pulling harness, is preferable to a conventional collar.

Can I use a dog harness with a handle at the same time as a retractable leash?

Retractable leashes are one of the favorites in dog gear, along with harnesses. With this, your dog may run about freely, and when you come upon traffic or people, you can quickly reel back your dog using the retractable leash for control.

A retractable leash can be used with a dog harness which makes an excellent match. Just keep in mind that if you utilize the front clip of the harness, don't allow the leash to create tension since this might be confusing for your pet. Your dog might believe he's pulling when he's not.

Should my dog wear a harness with a handle 24/7?

Dog harnesses are not supposed to be worn unless your dog needs constant assistance by lifting. It might be inconvenient to have the material of the harness rubbing against the skin or fur. Alternatively, you can get into a habit with your dog by putting on a harness before going outside. This way, your dog will learn when it's time to start getting ready for a walk, training, or some other activity without feeling irritated because he is hearing it all day.

At what age can dogs start using a harness with a handle safely?

While dog harnesses are an efficient tool for learning and lifting assistance, you should target to utilize one as soon as your veterinarian gives you the green light. Most veterinarians recommend waiting until your puppy is eight (8) months old to begin using a leash. Getting a leash with a proper fit for your medium-sized dog is a primary concern.

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