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What is the Best Retractable Leash for Medium Dogs?

What is the Best Retractable Leash for Medium Dogs?

If you’re searching for the perfect new leash for your medium-sized dog, it could be a good time to consider a retractable leash.

Using a retractable leash has several benefits for dogs of all sizes, including medium-sized dogs. A retractable leash offers flexibility and more opportunities for your dog to enjoy and explore their environment.

While retractable leashes are ultimately the best option for medium dogs, not all leashes are equal when it comes to durability and quality. You also have to commit to being mindful when you’re using a retractable leash to keep yourself, your dog, and others around you safe.

We’ll explore the factors that should go into choosing the right retractable leash for a medium-sized dog and also how you can use it properly.

What to Look for in a Retractable for a Medium-Sized Dog?

Here, we’ll go over some of the basic features you should consider when buying a retractable leash for your medium-sized dog.

With the inclusion of these features, you’re prioritizing safety and also a good experience for you and your dog.

Moderate Weight Limit

As you choose a new leash, pay close attention to the weight limit. Getting a leash that’s rated for your dog’s weight will offer the best experience and keep everyone safe.

If you choose a leash with a weight limit that’s too low, your medium-sized dog will likely overpower it. However, if you go with a weight limit that’s too high, it can cause your dog to pull it around.

If anything, go with a weight limit rating that’s no more than 10 pounds higher than your dog’s actual weight. This will give you the strength and security to walk your dog without becoming overpowered or losing your grip on the handle.

You might want to upsize a bit in terms of weight limit based on your dog’s usual behavior too. For example, is your dog prone to lunging or running?

If your dog tends to be aggressive when you’re walking, you might want a leash rated 20 pounds more than their weight to give yourself a bit more protection against their impulsive behaviors.

Appropriate Clip Size

When you’re choosing a new leash, you want a clip that’s easy to work. It should clip onto your dog’s collar or harness quickly and easily and be smooth in doing so.

You also want to ensure it’s the right size. If you choose a clip that’s too small, it might not provide the level of control you need. If you choose a clip that’s too big, however, it can be uncomfortable for your dog and feel burdensome during their walks.

Additionally, when considering clips, you want one that swivels. If the clip doesn’t swivel, it can cause the leash to become tangled.

The clip should also close fully and securely when it’s up against tension.

Tangle-Free Design

A tangle-free design means that the leash is constructed in a way that will prevent it from wrapping around itself. A tangle-free retractable leash for a medium dog should also avoid wrapping around the mechanisms inside the handle.

Easy Brake Controls

There are two concepts to be aware of when you’re shopping for a retractable leash. One is the brake control, and the other is the lock control. They are not the same thing.

Brake control is what helps you enjoy flexibility without giving up a sense of control. Look for a leash design boasting quality brake control. Brake control lets you set an upper limit on how far the leash will extend. So maybe you give three feet when you’re somewhere more crowded, but then up to 15 feet when you’re in an open space and your dog can explore.

Look for a leash that auto-retracts when your dog is closer than what you’ve set the limit at. That will help to prevent tangling or the leash from getting wrapped around you or some obstacle nearby.  

The lock control lets you set the length of the leash at an exact point, rather than a maximum limit. This isn’t a great feature because it increases the likelihood of tangles. Brake control is more important than lock control.

Safe Leash Style

One reason some people don’t think retractable leashes are safe is that they’re only familiar with old and outdated leash styles. There are a few primary options. There are cords, ribbons, and tape. Cord-style retractable leashes are not safe nor are they durable.

Instead, opt for a leash style that’s ribbon or tape. These leashes are less likely to snap while you’re walking, they generally last longer and are more durable, and they’re simply safer.

How to Use a Retractable Leash Safety with Medium-Sized Dogs

It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is that you practice safety when you’re walking your medium-sized dog. Unsafe walking habits can’t be overcome by even the strongest and most durable retractable leashes.

It’s up to you to maintain a sense of control when you walk and stay aware of everything going on around you. Failing to do so can put both you and your dog at risk.  

  • Make sure you’re paying attention: Don’t use your dog walks as a time to get lost on your phone. Instead, be aware of everything going on around you and stay alert. When you’re in high-traffic areas or there are a lot of obstacles, keep your dog close to you.
  • Don’t give too much slack: One of the advantages of a retractable leash is that your dog has more freedom and flexibility, but be careful to not overdo it. Don’t let the leash run slack. As your dog gets closer, reel it in. Slack in a leash line can be dangerous.
  • Don’t let the leash get tangled: If you’re actively paying attention to your dog and your surroundings, the risk of the leash becoming tangled is low. Watch for obstacles in your path as well.
  • Don’t panic: If something does happen while you’re walking your dog, don’t panic. Instead, stay calm and work to fix the situation. Untangle your leash, set the brake, and move away from obstacles until everything is sorted out.

Which Retractable Leash Should I Get for My Medium-Sized Dog?

The key things to remember when you’re choosing a retractable leash for your medium-sized dog include:

  • The right weight limit: Don’t go down in weight limits, and if you go up, don’t do more than 10 pounds beyond your dog’s weight unless they’re prone to pulling, lunging, or aggression.
  • Clip-size: Don’t choose a clip that’s too big or too small relative to your dog’s size.
  • Tangle-free design: A quality retractable leash will have a design that’s tangle-free for safety and ease-of-use.
  • Leash style: Corded retractable leashes are outdated and potentially unsafe. Instead, opt for a tape or ribbon-style leash for your medium-sized dog.

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