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Why are Chain Harnesses Dangerous for Dogs?

Why are Chain Harnesses Dangerous for Dogs?

While chain dog harnesses may be famous for their stylish design, they can be dangerous for your furry friend. From a medical standpoint, they associate these harnesses with aversive methods that can cause discomfort and pain to our pets. Not to mention, there are also risks of serious injuries involved.

So, what exactly is it about chain harnesses that are so hazardous for dogs, and what is the safer alternative? Let's have a look!

Hidden Dangers of Chain Harnesses for Dogs

Potential dangers of metal chain dog harnesses include:

  • Lead to fainting: Metal dog chains can cause fainting in dogs because they constrict the chest. It can be hazardous if your dog is already prone to respiratory problems.
  • Interference with the trachea and esophagus: Because the chain’s location is in the front of the neck, it can interfere with your dog's trachea and esophagus. It can cause difficulty breathing and swallowing and may even lead to choking.
  • Damage to blood vessels in the eye: The metal chain can also rub against the blood vessels in your dog's eyes, causing them to rupture. It can lead to vision problems or even blindness.
  • Damage and transient paralysis: The pressure exerted by the chain harness can compress nerve endings, leading to nerve damage. In severe cases, this can even cause temporary paralysis of the front legs.
  • Damage to the thyroid gland, salivary glands, or salivary lymph nodes: The chain harness can also pressure the thyroid gland, salivary glands, or salivary lymph nodes, leading to problems with these organs.
  • Neck sprains: The sudden jerking motion often associated with using a dog chain harness can cause neck sprains in dogs.
  • Skin irritation and hot spots: The constant rubbing of the chain harness can cause skin irritation and hot spots, which can be painful for your dog.
  • Pull the dog’s hair or get tangled in it: Chain harnesses can also pull on your dog's fur or get trapped in it, causing discomfort and pain.

Pet Helpful notes that choke chains for dogs are cheaply made and will frequently rust. They are also known to cause damage to the fur around the neck. Not only are they dangerous, but they are also not very effective in the long run.

As you can see, a few risks are involved in using a chain dog harness. That's why it's essential to be aware of these dangers and take precautions to protect your dog.

What’s the Alternative to Metal Chain Dog Harnesses?

Now that we know how unsafe a dog chain harness is, let's talk about the mesh dog harness, which is a much better option.

Many benefits come with mesh dog harnesses as opposed to chain dog accessories, such as:

Complete Security & Safety

With a padded dog harness, you won't have to worry about your dog's safety and security. These harnesses are comfortable for your dog to wear and won't cause any health problems.

Better Adjustability

A mesh dog harness is also more adjustable than a chain dog harness. It means you can get a perfect fit for your dog, regardless of size or shape.

Dual Clip Feature for Improved Control

Mesh dog harnesses also feature a dual clip system that gives you more control over your dog, especially helpful if you have a particularly active dog that likes to pull on the leash.

Excellent for Training & Sports

Mesh dog harnesses are also ideal for training and sports. They provide your dog's support and stability while allowing them to move freely.

Improved Comfort

Mesh dog harnesses are more comfortable for your dog to wear because they are made from breathable material that won't cause skin irritation or hot spots.

Reflective Straps for Late Night Strolls

Another great feature of mesh dog harnesses is the reflective straps, perfect for late-night walks or runs, as they will help you keep an eye on your dog.

Top-Mounted Handle for Add-on Support

Mesh dog harnesses also feature a top-mounted handle that you can use for additional support, which is conducive if your dog is large or strong.

According to Pug Life Magazine, if you use a harness and your dog only pulls, it won't get anywhere. Your dog will quickly learn that this method is ineffective. It's also much more comfortable for your dog to wear a harness than a collar and leash. A harness evenly distributes the force around your dog's body, making them much more comfortable.

So, if you're looking for a safer and more comfortable alternative to chain harnesses for dogs, consider investing in a mesh harness. You and your dog will be glad you did.

If you're still undecided about purchasing a mesh dog harness, read our guide to see if it's worth your while.


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Commonly Asked Questions About Chain Dog Harnesses

Do you still have questions about which dog harness is ideal for your four-legged pal? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions regarding dog chain harnesses.

What are the alternatives to choke chains and prong collars?

Mesh harnesses, as opposed to other options, are more comfortable and secure while also being approved by veterinary medicine. Additionally, Pet&Cuddle's harnesses are superior to chain harnesses in terms of security and comfort.

Are chain harnesses suitable for dogs?

A dog's neck or windpipe may be caught in a harness, damaging it. The trachea and chest are susceptible to harm when your dog pulls on the leash. The improperly fitted or ill-fitting metal chain dog harness might become trapped in the pet's skin.

Do choker chains stop dogs from pulling?

A choke chain is an ineffective deterrent to pulling on the leash. If not used correctly, it will also cause harm no matter how it is used. A mesh dog harness is a better choice since it guarantees maximum comfort and safety for your dog during outdoor activities.

Can dog chains stop my dog from chewing on his leash?

No, chain accessories will not help train your dog to stop chewing. However, proper training and supplements, such as a back-end harness or retractable leash, can effectively curb this behavior. If you're interested in learning more about preventing your dog from biting its leash, read our guide.

What is the chain for dogs called?

Choke chains, called choke collars or training collars, are a pair of linked metal rings on either end of a chain length that may be formed into a loop that fits over the dog's head and rests around the top of its neck just behind the ears.

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